All The Ice Cream That You Want...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm not sure he's buying it or not, but that's what we have been telling Levi for the last couple of weeks. 
Poor guy has to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. 

But, as luck would have it we ran across a wonderful vintage resource at the
Rose Bowl Flea Market
a few weeks ago. 

It's a children's Wonder Book titled:
A Visit To The Hospital 

Levi can't get enough of it, he want's to be read this darling story over and over, several times a day...which is great because it's preparing him for "the operation". 

He especially loves the balloon part, which I don't think they actually do anymore, but that's OK 'cause it keeps him focused on a not so scary part of "the operation". 

Levi can't wait to get to the ice cream part and quotes the story back to me several times during our days together. 

I really enjoy the cute images in vintage kiddie books and the simple stories are really fun to read together.

These wonderful glimpses into our past are also a great resource for us gals who love to model these same ideals in our homes today. 

I love how our Heavenly Father let's us find little random things like this to make our way easier when it comes to the scary stuff of life.

Welcome to My Trailer...Come On In

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Many of you have asked to see more of my little trailer from seeing The Vintage Housewife's gracious sneak peek of her.
Well, what is following is probably more than you want to see but I hope you have some fun looking.

The facts: We bought her about 7 years ago from the ORIGINAL OWNER WHO WON HER ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT...YES, THE PRICE IS RIGHT. She's a 1969 Scotsman, so she's not as old as she looks.

Frankie and I spent that whole summer fixin' her up and I think she likes her new clothes and make-up alot better.
We love her and wish we could take her out more, that's, for right now, we just "play house" in her.

We have tried to stay with a vintage "travel" theme inside of her, but have ended up mixing in a little gingham, bar-b-que, picnic, and honky-tonk western (all vintage, of course).

I'm going to try and not talk anymore, so you can come in and relax and enjoy the snapshots and just have some plain 'ol fun with us...

What can I make for ya?

Just look at these darlin' plastic Solo Cup holders...and yes, I also have the original box of disposable inserts to go in 'em too!

This vintage Bar-B-Que tablecloth is one of my very favorite things

These are the vintage Solo Cup disposable inserts that go to the cuties hanging over the sink... of course I don't actually use them...I want to have them forever!

Me 'n Levi having a coke and a blast at our"faux" picnic.

Here's my Hunny Bunny, Frankie...isn't he the cutest thing you ever saw?

and a little honky-tonk just like I promised...

Hey, what are they checkin' out???? Must be a cool car...

Don't I look like a cigar smokin' bad girl here?
(I'm not really bad, and I don't actually smoke it was just a fun shot).

I hope you had alot of fun and I hope you get to go camping with us soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hooray, it's Springtime and those long, lazy days of Summer spent by the pool are almost here...Yummy!

I can almost feel the magic in the air and I am getting ready for it in my

Va Va Voom Rose Marie Reid

of California

vintage swimsuit.

I stumbled across this one at the estate sale of a dear old precious darlin' who was my exact size...

almost everything in her closet fit me perfectly.

I do love the way these modest suits of yesteryear show so little skin, but are

oh-so flattering to the figure...

These vintage suits are so fun to wear, especially when I get invited to a "modern" pool party.

I think women need to feel beautiful about themselves again and there is no better way to

show off your shape girls

than to wear one of these great suits with confidence!

Ladies, be proud of the figure that God gave you.

He made you uniquely YOU!

And YOU are a wonderful asset in today's world!

pssst...don't you think Frankie did a great job at capturing the feel of the era in these photos?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hi Gals...
Some of you asked to see my Easter outfit, so right after church Frankie took a few snaps of me in all my Easter Sunday Glory...hope you enjoy!

My darling black and white gingham number is an original
Ranch Maid Western Wear
dress that I picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a number of years ago, isn't she cute?
She fits me like a glove!

I love when I find dresses that fit right in all the right places like this,
I think I must have a "vintage body"!

Not skinny, but a little round...just the way God made me!

Easter morning was a bit chilly, so I paired my dress with one of the
vintage beaded sweaters from my closet.

This precious pink purse is a thrift store find along with my
darling pink silk scarf with the "WoW" daisies...don't ya just love it?

My cute pink wedge sandals are not vintage, but I think they match so perfectly with my pink vintage purse.
It's OK to mix it up keeps if fun!

I had such an amazing day with my family,
I hope you all did too...see ya soon...

Be sure to look for my upcoming Summer post with pics of me in one my vintage swimsuits...Do I dare?