How I Roll

Friday, May 21, 2010

Some of you may know by now that I have old car lust.  What I desire is NOT what most people consider a cool 50's hot rod.  My dream is to own an original, "deadstock", classy lady, vintage 1950's era car that has remained completely untouched by
Garage Grandpa's and their youthful hot rod dreams
and not
chopped and hacked by Rat Rod Rockabillies.  
My dream car is to look as if she has just rolled off the
dealer showroom floor. 
I have expressed this car lust clearly on my sidebar singing the praises of the
complete with pink two tone exterior and pink rosebud interior with
matching raincoat, umbrella, and makeup tote..

But wait...we interupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you the following...

...Introducing the 1955 Packard Clipper Custom. 

Factory Flame Red and Black painted exterior with red and black cloth brocade interior.  This beauty features
factory air conditioning, power windows, power and heated front seat, and original Wonderbar radio. 
She is completely untouched except for an engine and tranny rebuild about 8000 miles ago. 
But the best part of this story is that...

She and I, we belong together. 
We both understood this and I purchased her last week.

Since then I have spent just about every available moment researching her, tinkering with her, shining her up, and just drooling over on the list, Coker's! 

 My car life is now complete and the supreme pleasure of just driving her around town is more than I can express. 

Frankie and Levi get to be my passengers as we float in the boat of the amazing ride that my beauty offers...
and we may even "hook 'er up" to the trailer. 

I highly recommend the joy of owning a classic to everyone.
Can the simplicities of life get any better than this?

LA Day Trip

Friday, May 14, 2010

We took a fun day trip to AMAZING, AUTHENTICORIGINAL
It's about 60 miles from where we live, but oh so worth the ride.
Our goal was to dine at the wonderfully unique and very kitschy Clifton's Cafeteria on Broadway St...check them out here

I remember many birthday parties at this fabulous place when I was a child, and you have never tasted baked macaroni and cheese as delicious as this I can guarantee.

Clifton's is still a family owned business using the same recipes since it's opening in 1935

But what makes this place truly amazing is the wonderful atmosphere feel as if you have stepped into a
vintage forest wonderland
complete with running waterfalls and rivers, yes rivers
Around every corner there is something to be explored. 
Levi was in heaven!!! 

We lingered and enjoyed our lunch and every delectible morsel we placed in our mouths to the fullest. 
Darn, we didn't have any room left to sample goodies from their famous bakery time?

After lunch we drove up Broadway to

Let me tell you, there is nothing like the funk and vibe of Chinatown LA 

The items in each shop are so fun to explore and just look at the amazing eye candy in the presentation. 

I simply could not get enough and bought some fun stuff for my patio...
but that is another post.

I hope you get the opportunity to experience the funkiness that
Old Downtown Los Angeles
has to offer at least once in your lifetime...if you do, you will come away impacted!

The Party's Over!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Many warm thanks to all of you for your concern for Levi and his tonsil operation...He is feeling wonderful and healing quickly. the midst of it baby turned 4 years old.  
Levi made his own cake for the occasion. 
He loves to use the
"pink spinny thing with the motor"
as he calls it...he's my little baker!

He had so much fun and created a yummy
orange cake...his fav! 
He decorated it with vintage clowns and choo-choo trains, soooo darn cute!

But the most fun of all was getting together with my beloved family. 
It's not easy being a mommy of two sons, one who is 27 and one who just turned 4, oh, and I forgot...I have a grandson who's 3 soon...but it's my life and I wouldn't trade it for nothin!

As you can see God has truly blessed me. 

I absolutely love the vintage life that I live in my vintage house.
My home has become "Family Central" and I am so lucky that I get to share it with my family and friends often.