Vintage Swimming Pools...Ahhhhh!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I absolutely love vintage swimming pools...when I see one or think of one I am immediately transported to a magical place of backyard tiki huts, mermaid ceramic tiles, and puffer fish light fixtures.  

While growing up here in So Cal I have had the priviledge of swimming in some amazing vintage aquatic wonderlands over the years. 
I would like to share some images with you now...let yourself be transported to another place and time where there still are  neighborhood swim parties and backyard BBQ's and no worries in the world...

Who can remember, while on vacation swimming in some of these awesome hotel pools until your parents called you in when it got dark?

I don't ever remember the pretty ladies this close to the water...they might have gotten their hair wet...Heaven Forbid!

I especially remember pools that were structurally surrounded like this one. I can still remember the sound that our loud kid voices made as we played and the noise bounced off the water onto the walls.

Ohhh, the high dive! 
There was many a time I dared myself to climb that ladder...walk out to the end of the board...peer over into the deep... then chicken out and hurry back down to the ground to cheer on the next brave soul!

Excuse me, does anyone know where I can get this vintage table and metal umbrella shade? 
Oh, and also the darling red swimsuit too.

This pool is dreamy and I would travel a great distance just to swim in it.  I love the blue coping here and the eerie shadowy feel of the futuristic architecture.

Have any of you had the opportunity to swim in an indoor screened room pool like this? 
It's the best of all worlds here and these kids don't know how lucky they have it.

HoJo anyone? 
Orange and Turquoise/ favorite color combo.
They always had the best outdoor areas for kids...check out the kiddie pool near the swingset. 

This one is my all time fav!  I love this house and this pool and I would host parties here every weekend if I owned it. 
It's located in the hills above LA and has been featured in several of my favorite movies.

This is my pool, we tried to re-create a retro feel and worked closely with our pool contractor to achieve a period look. 
We have named this area of our property
Tiki Lagoon
and in the weeks ahead I will do a post of our step-back-in-time Polynesian Wonderland for all to see.
How many times as a kid did you dream of yourself in a scene like this?  
That's all for now but, this beauty bids you an underwater goodbye from a magical place that has been in several of my own childhood dreams...until next time.

That Man 'O Mine

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow, Frankie and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  Time has flown and it has been event filled and never boring. 

From the start it has been a wild ride...we met later in life under scandulous circumstances and had a whirlwind courtship that culminated with the sharing of our vows in
Funky Las Vegas
which was our style from the beginning

Notice the bride is wearing platinum...Wicked!
We are so made for each other and had tons of fun together immediately...
We are newlyweds here and lovin' every minute

Here we are on our way to Jamaica for our honeymoon.

Life just sailed along for us and we were completely content for about 7 years until we figured out that something was missing. 
So, we began to explore the idea of having a child together.  As you can see below, we did just a little bit more than just explore the idea

This is the day our precious Levi joined our family. 

Life is funny though, and soon after the birth of Levi, my beautiful daughter and son-in-law announced thier engagement to be married.

2006 was definately an amazing year for us...just look!

A little while later my daughter announced that she was going to bless us with our first grandchild. 
Are you getting the idea of the kind of year this was for us? 
Very exciting!

Here are "our" boys...Shamous, my grandson on the left and our Levi who is an uncle on the right. 
When God blesses, He does an amazing job!

Our life is so full of fun and I am so glad that I have my man, Frankie by my side to share it with me and love the special people in my life. 
He loves my style and everything about me and I truly feel adored by him. 
I'm so proud to be FrankiesWife!

and I love our little family...