Table Dresses

Thursday, August 26, 2010

To be fair I just can't call them simply "table cloths".  They are so much more than mere cloths and have the ability change the look and mood of a vintage kitchen in an instant. 
Now, I know several of you share the same fondness as I do for great vintage textiles, so I thought I would spotlight some of  my own dear table dressings. 
I have been collecting for about 25 years now and following are just a few that have become the "old standbys" and are very precious to me.

I absolutely adore anything vintage South of the Border so when I found this at the Rose Bowl Flea Market,
I just about squealed with delight...
It matches my little mexican bandido on a donkey so well and it's fun to serve Mexican food with this little vignette.

His poor little burro has the task of carrying the heavy salt and pepper jugs as well, but he is such an adorable little
beast of burden.

I love the look of  abstract 1950/60's pinecone design and I found this amazing aqua table cover at an Estate Sale...

The cool thing is that I already had the dishes that matched!

I can mix and match so easily with this design. 
Just look how darlin' my vintage casserole dish fits in.


Cocktails anyone?

There is just something about this vintage pinecone design that makes me feel peaceful and happy.

Pink, Pink, Pink, how I adore thee...

Every vintage kitchen has to have a  pink and white striped cutie like this one. 
Oh, and a Spaghetti pitcher and tumbler set to match...a must have!

I get giddy over pink melmac!

Wowie, how many of you are state proud like me? 
I love vintage California memorabilia and I cherish this lovely piece of history. 

All of the famous locales are featured here and it's such a fun conversation starter. 
Have you ever been to...

Iron out your favorite and spotlight it on your table for a special meal tonight!

I hope you enjoyed today's offering. 

It's really fun to share my things with all of ya!

Atomic Comfort Living, That's What We Call It!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You've all seen my kitchen where we cook, eat, 'n play in a vintage way...

But now, I would like to share my living room with you too.  As you probably already know, we live in an old house. 
Not too old though, she was built in 1949.  Frankie and I have been caring for her since 1999 and from the beginning we made a pact not to mess with the original design
We have remained loyal to that promise and have spent years trying out just the right furniture pieces and fixtures to see if they are a "fit". 
There have been many flops and some no-goes, but I think we finally have it least in this space...for now. 
Not quite sure of the style, or if it is a pure style for all of you vintage design afficinados, but we love it and we refer to it as
 Atomic Comfort. 
Kinda like
Disneyland's House of the Future-meets-Leave it to Beaver. 
It has become our trademark and we hope you enjoy it too!

This is the view from our kitchen...
I have collected so many amazing things through the years and it would take pages and pages to show, so Im only going to show you my current favorites from this room...

By the way, I love color...can you tell?

This sits on the mantel next to the atomic clock. 
This poor little doe has been expertly glued many times...

This has become the room's favorite spot with all of our guests...they always end up in this chair. 
In the credenza behind, are my most treasure items, that's why they are behind glass...maybe I should put the doe there also?

even though I am not a smoker, I am CRAZY for vintage smoking's the MadMen in me!

Atomic bar goodies are the best and I swoon over this vintage chrome spherical ice server!

This if my favorite corner of the room. 
I love this tv!!! 
Yes, it works too!

Everything is this vignette has come from Estate Sales.

ooooh!  those tv dials...yummy!

Simply "must haves" in your atomic living room, just in case...

I adore gold stars and Harlequins,
but I do think gold atomic stars are the winners.

I love, love, love this Kroehler couch with aqua and silver thread tweed.  This is "our" couch!  We sit and lay on her to watch TV, Levi plays cars on her daily, company has spilled coffee on her, but she doesn't care. 
She still looks as fresh and new as the day I found her.

I play all my vintage LP's on this amazing Magnavox...
there is nothing like the mellow sound of a phonograph spinning Billie.  
I love to hear it wafting through the house in the afternoon. 
These are THE moments!!!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting. 
Come back soon! 
Oh and please tell what you think of our domicile...