Yo-se-mite Bound!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Been busy lately,
but we are heading to Yo-se-mite...this is how my mother always said it. 

I will blog with tons of pics when we get home, but I will leave you with some enjoyable vintage Yosemite memories from the past.

Vintage valley floor tour bus

Firefall from Glacier Point...
they stopped doing this years ago for obvious reasons

 Another shot of the firefall from Camp Curry on the valley floor

Glacier Point lookout

Yosemite Lodge

Mariposa Grove of big trees

Historic Wawona Hotel

This is my daugter and I and our boys in the Merced last year

We will stay for one week at Wawona in a private house close to the Merced river...
yes I've heard it's raging now, 
yes I know that so far this summer 8 people have died in Yosemite, but I have been visiting every year for most of my life and I know what I am doing...

See ya in two weeks!