Friday, April 9, 2010

Hooray, it's Springtime and those long, lazy days of Summer spent by the pool are almost here...Yummy!

I can almost feel the magic in the air and I am getting ready for it in my

Va Va Voom Rose Marie Reid

of California

vintage swimsuit.

I stumbled across this one at the estate sale of a dear old precious darlin' who was my exact size...

almost everything in her closet fit me perfectly.

I do love the way these modest suits of yesteryear show so little skin, but are

oh-so flattering to the figure...

These vintage suits are so fun to wear, especially when I get invited to a "modern" pool party.

I think women need to feel beautiful about themselves again and there is no better way to

show off your shape girls

than to wear one of these great suits with confidence!

Ladies, be proud of the figure that God gave you.

He made you uniquely YOU!

And YOU are a wonderful asset in today's world!

pssst...don't you think Frankie did a great job at capturing the feel of the era in these photos?

3 of you say...:

SusieQT said...

I agree 100%. I love to wear my vintage swimsuits, and I don't have near the figure you do! But they are much more flattering than modern cuts, and besides, people are more interested in looking at the suit itself than what's inside it!

Carole said...

I love that suit!

It reminds me of Esther William's classic. I remember when she came out with her vintage line of swim wear. They weren't in my budget at the time, and honestly, I don't live in a climate conducive to laying by the pool (nor am I near enough to one to make a suit a wardrobe constant).

I agree about a woman's figure.

There was a fashion 'expert' on a local talk show earlier this week explaining how women should dress appropriate to their age. What caught my attention though ~ her comments about her two models.

One was super thin, no curves to speak of. The other had an hour glass figure (she was thin, but she had hips, boobs and a shape ~ horrors). The 'expert' commented about how the thin gal with the 'super cute figure' could wear just about anything, whereas the hour glass needed to "play down" her shape!

Huh? Play it down? For whom?

Remember Marilyn Monroe? How times change.

Maggi said...

You look fabulous! I agree, this style swimsuit is so flattering!