Merry Christmas Past..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow, busy Christmas season for the Allens.  I've missed posting and reading your wonderful comments, but I'm back. 
Let me show you a little Christmas, better late than never, then you will see why we were so busy...

I decorated a table for the Annual Ladies Dessert Night hosted at the Methodist church where my family and I attend. 
My theme this year was to use some of the precious treasures I inherited from my mom. 
So, I hope you like what I came up with using her 
Bluebirds and Cherries
My mom was a cherry-o-holic!
The guests at my table adored it and we had a great time being served by "our" men. 
Frankie was our personal waiter...lucky us!

There were 42 tables in all each individually decorated. 
(I'm wearing one of my vintage square dance dresses... one of my favs)

Here I am hosting my table seated next to my beautiful daughter, Tiffany

I really enjoyed using my mother's treasures, it made the evening extra special for my guests.

We also got to enjoy our Levi portraying a Shepherd in the production of The Nativity played by his preschool class. 
He loved using the staff.

(I'm wearing Freddies' of Pinewood side zip jeans, red bandana shirt, black beaded sweater, and black suede ReMix wedge sandals)

OK, I love to decorate vintage Christmas and I have collected some amazing stuff over the years.  I have alot and I can't fit it all in this post, so I will share some of my favorites...

The mantle belongs to Santa!

I made the stockings...

My mother made this adorable Santa in the Chair in the 1970's and the mugs also. 
I'm so glad she inscribed the bottom of everything she created during her ceramic phase with her classic signature and date. 
I cherish these pieces the most.

I picked up this so, so retro lucite Christmas tree and candleholder set in it's original box from an estate sale for $1. 
Gotta love it!

This Scary Santa as Levi has labeled him stands about 15" tall, is sawdust stuffed with rubber hands and a face. 
I found him last year at a garage sale in Sun City...mecca for all things retro!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and shared the love of your family and friends. 
Happy New Year, make it the best one yet!

4 of you say...:

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello darlin so glad to see you posting! you guys look amazing...i swear every picture, pictures the true vintage you! I can't wait for our adventures this year!!!!!!! huggs dear~y! Cat ps. is this a new church...

Zootsuitmama said...

Thank you Thank you!! It's exactly as I pictured it in your vintage pad! It's so special that you used your Mom's stuff! That's the kind of thing that keeps us going, and keeps their memory. I really love your mantle! Hope you and your family have a great New Year! Zootsuitmama

Vintage JoAnn said...

Vintage christmas treasures are great. The blue bird, cherry table is inspiring me! Your outfits adorable as usual!

sweetheartville said...

Aaah! That table! Those Christmas decorations! It's too much cuteness to stand. Love all of it.