Baby's Vintage Nursery

Frankie and I decided to go with a vintage nursery for our baby (now 3) and tons of people said, "oh my gosh, don't you know those cribs are dangerous?"  and my reply was, "we all grew up in those cribs and nothing happened to us!" Sooo...we decided to include one in our nursery and make it as safe as possible.  Major issue solved! 
Onto the fun stuff...Just about everything we stuffed into baby's room was vintage (some shower gifts were modern, those are depicted, but that's OK, they were from loving family and friends).  Look at the darling Dolly Toy Company wall plaques, what a find!  I love the detailing on the vintage crib and antique chiffarobe.  Look at the vintage Disney toy box we found.  And also, the vintage circus Paint By Numbers...I even used vintage glass bottles in my vintage diaper bag.  Some of the elements I used to decorate were actually from my own babyhood and were carefully saved by my mother.

The greatest thing I think is the Stork Yard Baby Announcement that we created...
I created it from a clipart silhouette of a stork, traced a template on paper and then had it cut out.  I designed and  painted on the detail.  I also made one for my grandson.

I got lot's of compliments on this and requests to make them special, but it's one of a kind and very precious, so I can't share, sorry!  But of course, you are always welcome to copy my idea.