Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The months chug by and each year I tend to forget  the magical

 feeling that surrounds the Halloween season. 

It's an innocent thing for me as I recall the exciting memories from

 my childhood that this time of year holds. 

 My amazing grandma's always made the season extra special by

 spoiling us with creative and fun

Halloween parties. 

And oh those decorations of ol'...I think I define the magic most to

 those colorful vintage creations. 

So now I am on an eternal mission to capture the


 party scenes from my memory and stuff my attic each year

with all that I can find. 

Here's a sampling of my collection so far...enjoy!

Like my grannies I in turn, treat my friends and family to a party

 each year and here's just a portion of the scene

with the lights on...

Now comes the fun part...lights off!

It has such a different feel...don't ya think?

Most of the die cuts are repo's from


They have such a great archive of stuff available now. 

I adore these black cats with thier smirking grin!

Sometimes I find cute new stuff with a vintage look like the owl,

he came from Wal Mart.

It's really fun to mix-it-up!

Check out my Empire blowmold.

Found it at a thrift store...lucky me!

OK it's not really poison. 

It's how I serve hot chocolate to my guests from my vintage orange

 West Bend coffee percolator. 

The pumkin candle is a Gurley.

I love the black cat quartet...another

Beistle item. 

How do you like my spooky chandelier? 

Gotta have tons of flameless votives, it's only way to "glow".

These cute owl plates are from Target's

 Halloween line...'bout 4 years ago.

See... I save everything!

I hope I have evoked some of your special


memories with my images...

There is so much more to show ya...but you have to wait

until after Saturday night's party. 

Let me leave you with one last shot...

And one last thought...

How I did it:
Everything is draped in black plastic sheeting found at Lowes
I tea dyed, tattered and shredded old lace curtains found at thrift stores
I tea dyed and shredded basic cheese cloth found at any fabric or craft store
I scour my cupboards and shelves for anything orange or black such as the coffee percolator
I use lots of cans of flat black spray paint on candle sticks, metal serving dishes, etc.
I use tons of flameless votives and flameless pillar candles
Beistle die cuts can be found online - http://www.beistle.com/
Vintage Gurley candles from estate sales or ebay - Vintage Gurley Candles
Vintage Empire Blow Molds from thrift stores or ebay - Empire Blow Mold Images

Lusting, Yearning, Dreaming...Darn you ebay!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Featuring the
1961 PINK Maytag Washer and Dryer Set
with Lighted Dial Face and original Owner's Manual.

Dear Me...
I'm squealing, I'm drooling, I'm dreaming...

My vintage mommie dreams would come true if I had these beauties to perform my laundry chores...but alas, the price is outta my budget and they are in Florida. 
Only like 3000 miles from me. 

If I was a braver woman I would ask my hubby for 'em, but he may hock the dog to get them for me, so I will just keep quiet and fantasize in silence.

Click the link here to view the ebay posting of these true
American MidMod creampuffs.

If you have the means and are fortunate enough to win these darlings, please comment so I can reluctantly congratulate you... sniff, sniff, teary eyes.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've been yearning for LA again...so on Saturday we went...again.  Lucky me, this time we visited the
and we took with the whole fam. 

It was a challenge to navigate the busy freeways while caravanning in two vehicles, but we made it! 
This is my second visit to this wonderful museum, but was a first to everyone else in our group...

First floor:  Wonderful city scapes and street scenes from the "era".  You are transported back in time to a kinder, gentler Los Angeles as you stroll along.

Vintage Car Dealership Circa 1940's

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

My dad and my 94 year old grandma in front of the
Helm's Bakery Truck

Why don't these funky buildings still exist? 
They tear down all the good stuff!

Frankie's favorite was the Hot Rod Exhibit.

Levi's favorite was the Hot Wheels Exhibit...I had to drag him out!

My dad's favorite was the motorcycle exhibit...in his dreams!

They have these awesome "snapshot in time" exhibits...this one is a typical Southern California garage in the 1960's.  I loved it! 
Check out the station wagon in the garage.

This is a typical LA meat market from "the day".

I have an appointment with my auto insurance man and I'm a little late...but he doesn't care, he will wait forever!

On a clear day...you can see forever! 
Uh hum, not since the early 1950's that is.

My favorite...The Green Hornet Mobile
It was so dreamy and I can't get it out of my head!

I want this dress... and hat... and gloves!

Fur lust!

1958 Fireball 
(This one's for you Cat, The Vintage Housewife!)

My Beautiful Daughter, Tiffany and Shamous, my grandson
It was such a lovely day, so after the museum we ate lunch at Cliftons
and then headed to
one of my all time favorite LA hangouts.

Outfit details:
Hilo Hattie Hawaiian Sun Dress
Black Cashmere Beaded Sweater
Black Penaljo T-strap Sandals
Isabella Fiore black and white checked handbag inherited from my beautiful mother.
MAC Redd Lip Pencil