Get Your Kicks...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Friday, our little vintage family made the 30 minute drive to downtown San Bernardino. 

Our destination???   
The 21st Annual Route 66 Rendezvous 

This yearly event features tons of great classic, vintage, crazy cars from the past.  
So, we got all spiffed up and jumped in the car...sadly, not the Packard. 
We had planned to enter her in the show this year, but she is still in the shop.   
We had such a fun, fun day together anyway oogling all the beautiful cars and meeting the wonderful people who owned them. 

Here is a sampling of the day...hope you enjoy!

There was this neato section of vintage service vehicles...this was a 1950's city bus...

I'm decked out in my cute little vintage yellow plaid sundress with ruffles ($5 at the Rosebowl)
and my yellow patent handbag ($1 at an estate sale). 
I'm wearing not vintage (but that's OK) yellow daisy sandals and yellow tinted rhinestone sunglasses. 
Levi is in his red plaid vintage button down shirt ($5/Rosebowl) and black converse tennies...of course!

Me and a 1941 Ford in beautiful Garnet Red...
I'm courting her with a 
vintage turquoise and sunny yellow silk umbrella
with a bakelite of my treasures!

My hot hubbie doesn't care about the color of the car or my dress...he want's to see what makes her go...go fast!

Me and a cutie 51 that nose!

Honey, please tell whoever that is on the phone that you are at a very important car show and simply cannot be disturbed...those red beauties behind you are needing your attention at the moment!

My absolute favorite car of the day was this
1955 Oldsmobile Rocket 88
proudly wearing Salmon and Ivory. 
You have to be bold when you have a name like Rocket.

Frankie and Levi in front of "The Rocket"...ME WANT!

The day ended gloriously when the local press caught sight of us and ask to take some photo's. 
Click here to see our debut in the San Bernardino County The Sun newspaper...we made front page...woo hoo!

If you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway, that's the best. 
Get your kicks on Route 66!