So much more than just a Father...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Sunday we celebrated the day that is chosen annually to commemorate our Fathers.  This day is so special to me and you need to know why...

Meet my daddy. 
Here he is at age 16 and you can see from the handwritten sentiment on the back of the picture, that even then, he was deeply in love with my mother.

This is the day my father pledged his love to my mother...a love that remained loyal for 48 years.

I have never met a person that so constantly models his values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty, even to this day. 
I was a lucky little girl having a daddy like this raise me...

His love of his family and his love for the Lord were constant fixtures in my life.

We were so lucky to have the incredible opportunity to celebrate the milestone of thier 25 years together with my daddy and  his bride...

This man simply adored my mother and devoted his life to her welfare and comfort.  He loved to please her and always showed her in creative, sometimes corny ways  (but she loved it)!

My mother wasn't a physically well person for most of her life, and she and my father did all alot to maintain "normalcy" for thier family

But as the years progressed, she became increasingly ill and my father remained a constant pillar of love and support for her and his children

My dad remained a constant fixture by my mom's side for her entire life.  He showed such incredible love for especially during the last year of her life. 
She was diagnosed with cancer in the fall and died a slow, painful death at home with my daddy by her side, for the next six months.

They were probably the most diffucult six months of my life, but never have I witnessed such an incredible display as the love my father gave to my precious little mother during that time.  It was the most tender example of unconditional love that I could have ever imagined one person having for another.

This is why I feel so honored to know this man and to have such an amazing person in my life. 
He has given me so much and I will spend my entire life returning that love to him.

4 of you say...:

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. That is real love. And that is beautiful. Oh my goodness. This is purely beautiful and thank you for sharing him... :)

Zootsuitmama said...

Very touching. In this day and age, youre lucky to read anything so loving, because it seems all that's talked about is sadness and dysfunction. Thanks for sharing. Zootsuitmama

Mary said...

truely a marriage that said their vows before God and meant and lived by every word. What a blessing. I'm so sorry your Mom had a painful last 6 months but reading your post I know she knew she was much loved.

The Vintage Kitten said...

A beautiful love story...... they look like a wonderful couple. Im so sorry your mum had so much pain for the last months of her life, Im sure the pain was eased by having your lovely dad by her side X