My Beloved GEnie

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sadly I had to remove my beloved 1962 Turquoise GE Wall Mount fridge...
from my vintage kitchen seems you can't have a coffee pot plugged into the same circuit in an old house as your refrigerator..who'd a thought?
The compressor died, but we gave her a proper burial...covered on skids in storage for now.

But we did replace her with a 1960's Frigidaire in the most lucious shade of PINK like the cutie above!

I do miss my turquoise beauty though, I loved the sound that the doors made when they clicked shut...oh well, now my Frigidaire Flair stove has new kitchen mate...

You ain't livin' until you're livin' (and cookin') vintage! You gotta try it!

2 of you say...:

JennyMay said...

Hi - you are just adorable! What a passion you have for this era. Your kitchen is just fab - I would never want to leave your house!

Thanks for sharing!!

Zootsuitmama said...

I agree! Like you say in your profile, "I surround myself with everything vintage..." I so want to live the life. It only makes me feel happier to return home, however humble, when I have to go out in the "real" world of hustle bustle, I-pods, texting and hurry scurry. Zootsuitmama